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Welcome to Apo Dhatu Divers

They are a swiss french diving center attached to the Lanta Pearl Beach Resort on Long Beach and offer various PADI courses ranging from beginner to professional.

Since Apo Dhatu Divers is a very small scale company for the better of the customer, they have no boat of their own. Instead of having to focus on filling up a boat, they work with a few hand-picked companies from the island and send their customers to the dive spots that suit best their dive level and experience. Therefore the group sizes for courses are small and private (2-4 people/course). For Fun Divers and Snorkelers there is also a limit of max. 4 people/guide. This will ensure that correct safety standards are met and it will provide a better learning experience, as well as more fun in the water.

  • Ko Ha
  • Hin Muang